Battery Charged Model

IK1- figure 1

IK1- figure 2

This point model contains three emitting IR diodes, which means that six degrees of freedom of the user's head movement can be related to the software, and it's charged by two 1.5V batteries. It has been built according to Freetrack 2.1 specification, but it can be used with version 2.2 of Freetrack if the dimension of the model, visible on figure 1, are entered into the 2.2 version of the program. Alternately, those interested can download preset configuration files available at the bottom of this page. With narrow FOV webcams, which are most frequently used, this model is best used at an approximate distance of about one meter from the cam because the user's head, along with the point model or a significant portion thereof, will not be removed from the camera's field of view. Perhaps it's not ostentatious to state that this model, provided that the web cam and Freetrack are set properly, will enable the user to rotate one's head as much as the neck will allow while still keeping the eyes on the screen without the cessation of tracking of any of the diodes on the point model. Calculus indicates that, with two LR03 alkaline batteries of 1200mAh capacity, this point model will work for about twelve hours. While placing the batteries into the ledges, strict care should be taken that charge markers on the batteries are aligned properly with charge markers on the ledges. Tin holders visible on figure 3 provide for mounting this point model easily on a brim of a hat.

IK1- figure 3

IK1- figure 4

Preset configuration files are available for download below. Content of the archives meant for FreeTrack is to be coppied into the Freetrack installation directory and the existing files are to be overwritten if the model is to be used with this program. These files configure Freetrack with the web cam set to 320x240 resolution, while using other resolutions will take additional tweaking of the response curves. There's also a LinuxTrack .profile file available for download which configures LinuxTrack with LinuxTrack pipe as interface for use with this model. Unzip the archive to a location on a local hard drive and use the "Import profile" button of the "Tracking setup" panel of LinuxTrack's graphical user interface. Camera resolution was set to 320x240 and using other resolutions will take aditional tweaking.
This point model with two alkaline batteries of LR03 type is priced 15E. Order the model.

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