USB Charged Model

IK3- figure 1

IK3- figure 2

USB charged model has three emitting IR diodes the distances between which are, as figure 1 indicates, sized down by half in relation to what specifications for the corresponding model in version 1.1 of Freetrack suggest. Thus, this model is well suited for users who have their cameras positioned at distances shorter than one meter from their heads while using head tracking, because smaller dimensions of the model enable greater movement of the user's head without running the risk that one of the tracking points, emitting diodes in this case, could find their way out of the camera's field of view. Configuration files available for download at the bottom of this page set Freetrack exactly for such a usage scenario, and the users who wish to use this point model at greater distances from the camera would be well advised to re tune the response and sensitivity curves in Freetrack. Mounting the point model on the headset may apear more convenient than using the hat mounted point models, but the position of this model on the side of the user's head imposes the need to calibrate Freetrack additionally in order to eliminate unwanted view translation while rotating the head.
This model is fastened to the headset band by nuts, bolts and a tin band which can present a small difficulty when compared to using a clip for fastening, but this is a compromise imposed by building the model by hand. Figures 3 and 4 clearly show that it will be possible to mount this model on headset bands of different sizes, after which the user will no longer be burdened by the problem of fastening the point model. This point model can be charged either from the USB connector on the computer or from the wall socket through an AC- DC power adapter which yields output voltage of 5V and is supplied with an USB connector. User's who choose to use the AC- DC adapter would be well advised not to use adapters that yield output voltage higher than 5V.

IK3- figure 3

IK3- figure 4

Preset configuration files are available for download below. Content of the archives meant for FreeTrack is to be coppied into the Freetrack installation directory and the existing files are to be overwritten if the model is to be used with this program. These files configure Freetrack with the web cam set to 320x240 resolution, while using other resolutions will take additional tweaking of the response curves. There's also a LinuxTrack .profile file available for download which configures LinuxTrack with LinuxTrack pipe as interface for use with this model. Unzip the archive to a location on a local hard drive and use the "Import profile" button of the "Tracking setup" panel of LinuxTrack's graphical user interface. Camera resolution was set to 320x240 and using other resolutions will take aditional tweaking.
This point model is priced 10E. Order the model.

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