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The product can be sent to those who wish to order by a posting service, but they will be charged with the posting expense as well. In some instances it may prove cheaper to pay someone who lives nearby to build the model. Please enter the model identifier into the form below:  IK1 for the battery charged model, IK2 for the reflective model or IK3 for the USB charged model. Please specify the number of pieces You wish to order in the same line. Alternately, the name of the model with the number of pieces specified can be used. Afterwards, fill in the blanks below and click the "Submit" button.
Please enter the identifier or the name of the product as well as the number of pieces.
No package will be sent until the E-mail verification of the order has been completed. After the form has been filled in and submitted, an E-mail message will be sent to You containing the information in the form as well as a question whether You really wish to order the product. If so, please respond affirmatively in a subsequent Email message and, by doing this, complete the verification process.
Please enter Your name if You wish the product to be sent to You.
The name of the street as well as the building number You live in will be required in order to send the product.
Please enter the name of the City You live in as well as the postal code.
Please enter the name of the country or province You live in.
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