Credits for the existance of this website go to:
  • The author of this website who, in this case, didn't bother with seeking advice from those smarter and more experienced than him, or to subject his work to constructive criticism. Those wishing to help with well intentioned advice can do so by using the contact form and the most imaginative comments will, perhaps, be published on a separate page;
  • Authors of screenshots of various head tracking programs which the author of this website was too lazy to install himself on his own computer. Said screenshots were found via web search engines and included into this website's content. Authors of photographs and videos of different components of head tracking systems, flight simulators, as well as photographs of point models from the Freetrack website some of which are displayed on this website shouldn't be forgotten either;
  • Authors of Drupal CMS, modules and themes;
  • Authors of the GIMP;
  • Authors of CSS and PHP code editors TopStyle Lite and ConText, respectively.

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