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Self Inflicted Dynamic Campaign for IL- 2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover

This program will grow a dynamic campaign out of a .mis file built in the Full mission builder of the IL- 2 Cliffs of Dover desktop flight simulator. Click here to read more about it.

The Self Inflicted Dynamic Campaign Exists for Your enjoyment, and it was published under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which makes it free to download and use. If, however, someone finds the work sufficiently good to conclude that it's author merits a monetary reward, one can contribute according to the guidelines stated below:



Celllphone Dictionary Maker
Celllphone Dictionary Maker
The program was written using standard C++ libraries only, and should therefore work on any 64- bit distro.
Download 4 cellphone wallpapers for 4 inch sized displays
Non- residents of the Republic of Serbia, meaning those who don't have a permanent residence or seat in the Republic of Serbia, can contribute using the PayPal service by clicking on the icon to the left.
Residents of the Republic of Serbia, meaning those who do have a permanent residence or seat in the Republic of Serbia, can contribute by depositing the determined sum of money, at an ERSTE Bank office, to the account the number of which will be shown clearly if the icon to the left is clicked.

Cellphone Dictionary Maker

This program will crunch any UTF- 8 encoded .txt file into a list of words that can be used as an auto- correction dictionary of a smart phone. Some of the pages of this very website have been typed on a cellphone, during coffee breaks and on public transport, which is what made the need for a program such as this one obvious. On an Android cellphone, the User Dictionary Manager app can be used to include the words contained within the file created by this program into a user dictionary. Perhaps something of the sort exists for iOS and Windows Mobile platforms as well. This is a free program.

Phone Wallpapers

Here, You can download fighter aviation themed wallpapers for cellphones with 4 inch sized dispalys.

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