MiG- 29A Advanced Flight Model

The advanced flight model for the MiG- 29A fighter for Falcon BMS simulator came into existence by modifying the advanced flight model of the MiG- 29 OVT, uploaded onto the Falcon BMS forum by the user nicknamed LQCJN101. The relevant forum thread reveals that the MiG- 29 OVT flight model doesn' t have an actual thrust vectoring model implemented...

IL- 2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Old Version

A short search revealed that the issue isn't new and that the authors of the Blitz recommend white listing the executable, which would mean exempting it from real time security checks. Although the notion of a false positive detection isn't unknown, it does get difficult to enjoy flying while wondering if there's something active in the computer's memory which will, somehow, manifest someone's unappreciated curiosity...

Self Inflicted Dynamic Campaign

After having read war memoirs or an interview of a famous pilot, or after having watched a documentary, an occasional flight simmer probably felt the desire to recreate the experience on one’ s desktop computer, but found that the dynamic campaign modeling a particular battle hasn’ t been built yet and finds oneself reduced to single missions one can build on one’ s own. After having...

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