MiG- 29A Advanced Flight Model

The advanced flight model for the MiG- 29A fighter for Falcon BMS simulator came into existence by modifying the advanced flight model of the MiG- 29 OVT, uploaded onto the Falcon BMS forum by the user nicknamed LQCJN101. The relevant forum thread reveals that the MiG- 29 OVT flight model doesn' t have an actual thrust vectoring model implemented, but that it' s author mimicked thrust vectoring by modifying the tables of aerodynamic moment coefficient, as well as tables of other aerodynamic coefficients.
Using the MiG- 29 OVT advanced flight model, the advanced flight model available on this website was produced by introducing the following changes:
  • The MiG- 29A drag polar, posted in a forum thread on the f-16.net website was implemented. The user who posted the drag polar stated that it was found in a Soviet MiG- 29 manual;
  • The installed thrust of the RD- 33 engines was calculated based on the maximum normal load coefficient curves in sustained level turns for different altitudes. The diagram containing the aforementioned curves was posted in this forum thread;
  • Values in the aerodynamic moment coefficient tables were changed in order to remove simulating thrust- vectoring and to achieve the performance of the MiG- 29A which is closer to it' s real life counterpart. No calculus was done here, values were only tweaked;
  • Angle of attack values at which the AoA limiter kicks in were changed back to values which are closer to what can be expected of the MiG- 29A.
Things which remain to be done:
  • In order to generate aerodynamic moment values which correspond to certain elevator deflection angles better, it will be necessary to perform calculus of longitudinal stability and control;
  • It is also necessary to implement manual flap and trim control.
This advanced flight model is a work in progress, but it is good to use. Those interested can download it here.

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