Falcon BMS 4.37

Since versions 4.35 and 4.36 of the Falcon BMS simulator weren' t mentioned separately on this website, the attention of the reader will be turned to the fact that starting with the version 4.35 graphics engine was upgraded to DirectX 11 standard, while the subsequent versions brought optimizations and improvements with regard to memory use and multi-threading. This released enough resources to facilitate implementing the use of virtual reality goggles, starting with the version 4.37, while gaining in performance on older machines if those machines are equipped with enough RAM.
Finishing with the version 4.37, the onboard systems such as Link- 16, RWR, IFF and ECM have been improved or introduced. Medium range missiles, as well as the anti- radar HARM missiles have also received better models. The LCOS gunsight for the F- 16 fighter finally takes the range to target into account, but it' s still not possible to enter the range to target manually. The version 4.37 has also brought functional mirrors in some cockpits which contain mirrors. Changes have also been introduced into SAM system modeling. Apart from what was mentioned, the 4.37 version also brings an advanced flight model for the F- 15C fighter, as well as more realistic models of some of it' s onboard systems.
The first thing a simmer will notice after having installed and ran the 4.37 version is a new user interface, which will work in the native resolution of the monitor, avoiding the need for scaling. This could present the owners of high resolution monitors with difficulties as briefings are read, because the fonts will be too small to read comfortably, but, while waiting for a proper solution of this problem, one could export the briefings to a file and read from a text- editor. It is also possible to switch to the old user interface, running in 1024x768 resolution, but this could prove damaging to the eye sight of the user. Dynamic campaigns crash less frequently, resulting in less nerves being lost over the need to reload the campaign.

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