Falcon BMS 4.34

The new version of  Falcon BMS brings a few significant improvements. A new and more realistic radio communications model is the first to be mentioned. Both ground and air operations communications models were improved and the simmer would be well advised to read the appropriate section of the manual. The long awaited IFF model is also present in this version. Proper modeling of this device provides the possibility to model the conflicts in which the F- 16s participate on the opposing sides more realistically, which makes asking the AI controlled number two whether the desire exists to attack a contact perceived on the radar scope an unrealistic and obsolete practice. One can finally expect the campaigns in Israeli and Aegean theaters to reflect what a real life conflict would be like. Heat seeking missile models were also improved to reflect the functioning of seeker heads better. As a result, the countermeasures are now a bit more effective and a careful observer will see a missile go for flares after having attained a good lock. Damage modeling appears to have been improved as well and, after a fuel tank has been punctured, one will be able to perceive fuel streaking from the appropriate spot on the damaged aircraft. Actually, planes with leaking fuel tanks look exactly like a MiG- 21 hit by cannon fire on this real life gun cam footage. Finally, the skin showing ladies who were perceivable on building roof top billboards in previous versions are, sadly, not as frequent an occurrence in this version. Falcon BMS 4.34 can be downloaded here.

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