Falcon BMS 4.33

This video clip was uploaded to Youtube by Benchmark Sims, it is only linked to this page.
That Falcon BMS 4.32 could be improved upon was imaginable only with great difficulty when it was released, thanking to it's improved modelling of the F- 16 fighter's systems, it' s flight model, and, one shouldn't forget, upgrade to DirectX 9 standard the graphics engine received. Yet, improvements were achieved in every respect that was mentioned, along with a few new flyable airplanes version 4.33 introduced.
Regarding the graphical display of the outside world, Falcon's 3D world grew trees, which do improve sensation of flight at low altitude, while grass, which can also be switched on in settings, remains unnoticeable, which could be a consequence of great speed of flight of contemporary combat jets. Urban areas still aren't densely populated by buildings, but blue stains that appeared may be indicative of places where these will be placed once they're built.
Model of the F- 16 was improved upon, the improvements being rather small with regard to flight modelling, and significant where systems modelling is concerned. When Maverick missiles are fastened to the hardpoints, longitudinal axes of the missiles may not end up perfectly aligned with the longitudinal axis of the aeroplane, which is why one will have to boresight them once they are hanging from the launch rails if one wants their cameras to be pointed at the same spot as that of the targeting pod. The period necessary for these missiles to lock onto a target is now somewhat longer and corresponds to what can be seen in, for instance, this clip. Starting with version 4.33, Maverick missiles can only be carried with the targeting pod on the F- 16 fighter, because  the handoff process of the target locked by the targeting pod to the missile is modelled. When delivering bombs in CCIP mode, it is now possible to release a pair of bombs at the most, regardless of the ripple quantity set on the corresponding MFD page, while GPS guided weapons received a completely new, more detailed model. Successful employment of laser guided bombs will now take entering proper lase code, which will facilitate for bombs dropped from some planes to glide along beams radiated from said or other planes, which means that it is now possible to bomb targets lased by someone else while flying online. Along with less significant ILS model changes, changes in medium range missiles modelling that make them less efficient, which makes close air combat a more frequent occurrence and other changes that may have escaped attention, virtual pilots have additional flyable aeroplanes at their disposal, which aren't yet modelled to the same standard to which the F- 16 is modelled, and among which one can find Panavia Tornado, F- 15E, F/A- 18E and F as well as the MiG- 29. Those interested can download Falcon BMS 4.33 here.
Two movies below contain memorable moments from campaigns flown in Falcon BMS 4.33.

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