A look over the fence

Thanking, first and foremost, to the development of free head tracking software, a large number of products, meant for users who don't find that building their own point models or modding their cameras is their cup of tea, appeared on the market. Since we're looking at manufacturers whose number appears to be increasing  quickly, who offer point models similar to models offered on this website, baseball caps with circuitry, emitting diodes and power packs sewn in as well as modified cameras, building separate pages for each one of them would be a little tiresome. Instead, the manufacturers will be mentioned on this page summarily, with links to their websites provided.
  • The SWCProducts website offers a few models, battery or USB cable powered. The models, made of plastic, are meant to be mounted either on headphones or a brim of a hat.
  • The Track Hat web presentation, apart from the models, also offers the hat that was mentioned before, with diodes stitched in. Some models offered by this manufacturer, aside from the USB cable powered models, appear to have batteries such as the one used on cellphones built in. These models can be recharged from a wall socket power transformer, or from a computer's USB port while the model is being used. This way, small dimensions of the model and long periods between recharging are provided both at the same time. Models are made of plastic, and modified PS3 Eye cameras are also offered to those interested.

If You are ready to get pumped visit totally sweet mammels, or the following website.