Free head tracking programs for personal computers will be discussed in this section. Although free solutions are a little bit more difficult to get good rsults out of than commercial head tracking systems or software, they represent an applicable solution:


Freelook is another mouse emulator which was used to provide for head tracking with two degrees of freedom. A tracking point on the user's head was tracked, and the tracking point could have been as simple as a piece of white paper on the user's forehead or hat, while the best results were achieved...


Over the course of a long period of time Freetrack was, and perhaps still is, the most popular free solution in the cruel world of head tracking. It is the work of French programmers, coded in Delhpi programming language, which, with some effort, provides head tracking on personal computers which can be used in flight simulators or computer games, as a mouse emulator, or to emulate keyboard or joystick. Keyboard or mouse...


FaceTrackNoIR, as it's name suggests, is a program that provides for head tracking without the need for a model with tracking points that the user needs to wear on one's head. This method will naturally increase the CPU load and, consequently, at least...


LinuxTrack Software provides head tracking on Linux and MacOS operative systems. Using an ordinary web cam, Wiimote cam or a TrackIR cam as the sensor and a point model the dimensions of which are definable by the user (figure 2), makes head tracking with six degrees of freedom possible.


All who ever read a book in which a character is described as "patched up, but neat", and there are several instances, already know what kind of an impression the free head tracking program styled OpenTrack will leave on them. This program evolved from the FaceTrackNoIR program which is built modularly itself, while further development provided the home user...

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