Complete Systems

Complete head tracking systems containing sensors, point models and software, which is to say everything necessary to bring about head tracking save for a personal computer, can be found on the market. In most cases these systems are characterized by better sensor resolution, wider angle sensors, better filtering, higher coordinate refreshing frequency as well as on board coordinate computation which decreases the work load of the computer on which the client software is being run, but, as compared to the systems users build themselves while using free or commercial software and off the shelf webcams, have a higher price:


A long time ago in this very galaxy, Cam2Pan represented software which provided head tracking with a simple web camera being the only requisite. Almost simultaneously, the NaturalPoint company marketed a complete head tracking system, and the system was named TrackIR. The first TrackIR system provided for only two degrees of freedom of tracking of the user's head movement, but the sensor...


A head tracking system produced in Russia, styled RUCAP, represents a solution interesting in more than a single way. It consists of two components one of which is attached to the monitor, while the other is worn on the head by the user. The component on the monitor excites the component on the user's head by sending an IR signal, which then responds with an ultra- sound signal, based on the time of arrival of which to the component attached to the monitor coordinates needed by the client- software...


Utilization of gyros used for measuring acceleration in cellphones, and in contrast to using some sort of a sensor mounted in front of the user's head, most often a web- cam which is the mainstream method in head- tracking, represents the principle on which the EDTracker head- tracking device works. While the dimensions of this device are smaller than the dimensions of most separate components of other head- tracking systems, it only allows for head tracking with...

Delan Clip

Head tracking is great on Friday the thirteenth, but it's even greater with Delan Clip. As the FreeTrack program gained popularity many computer users, many among whom were flight simmers, realised that they're in dire need of point models they can wear on their heads as well as of cameras that will record their images while doing it. Just like people differ, cameras also differ, and even point models differ. The result of these differences is reflected in different results different users achieve, and therefore, stumbling upon cries for help on an odd forum...

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