Delan Clip

Head tracking is great on Friday the thirteenth, but it's even greater with Delan Clip. As the FreeTrack program gained popularity many computer users, many among whom were flight simmers, realised that they're in dire need of point models they can wear on their heads as well as of cameras that will record their images while doing it. Just like people differ, cameras also differ, and even point models differ. The result of these differences is reflected in different results different users achieve, and therefore, stumbling upon cries for help on an odd forum, voiced by users who didn't find the best way around their cameras, point models, or software settings, is no rarity. Problems, predicted and unpredicted, having to do with diode emitting power, their emission angle, filter removal, choice of a web camera the drivers of which will leave enough processing power free to provide for running other software on the same machine when the camera is in use and similar can be overcome, but not everyone will decide that such a form of entertainment is their cup of tea. In such instances, the choice is reduced to purchasing complete head tracking systems among which Delan Clip represents an affordable solution the users are very pleased with judging by what's stated in their reviews available on YouTube.

This system's sensor is a PS3 Eye camera from which the IR filter is removed and which provides 75 FPS at 640x480 resolution, which ensures a smooth head tracking experience without the use of interpolation. A three point clip that can be attached to the earphones is delivered in the package as well, while the user is left with the choice of one among the free solutions where software is concerned. The last bit of information hints at the only shortcoming this system has, which it inherited from the free head tracking software that doesn't support coordinate encryption present in the firmware of TrackIR5 sets. What this translates into is that head tracking with six degrees of freedom will be unavailable for client software which, apart from the TrackIR5 interface, has no other interface implemented.

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