TrackIR- figure 1

TrackIR- figure 2

Long time ago in this very galaxy, Cam2Pan represented software which provided head tracking with a simple web camera being the only requisite. Almost simultaneously, the NaturalPoint company marketed a complete head tracking system, and the system was named TrackIR. The first TrackIR system provided for only two degrees of freedom of tracking of the user's head movement, but the sensor which was the basic component of the system, meaning the camera, had a greater image resolution than most web cameras available in retail, a built in visible light filter, greater image refresh rate of a hundred frames per second and, probably the most important feature back in the day, was supplied with an on board processor which analyzed the image recorded by the cam, calculated the necessary coordinates which were sent to the computer, which kept the CPU load of the computer on which the client- software was run negligible. Sticking a mark made of IR reflective material onto the user's forehead was enough to accomplish head tracking with two degrees of freedom. By providing point models with three tracking points, summarily called TrackIR Vector addons visible on figure 2 as well as on figure 1 on the visitor's right- hand side, head tracking with six degrees of freedom was made possible, which remains among the traits of the latest incarnation of the TrackIR system styled TrackIR 5 visible on figure 1. TrackIR 5 retains every advantage already mentioned as compared to the solutions based on web cameras available in retail, or increases said advantages to it's own benefit.
What was written so far hinted that TRackIR cameras come equipped with IR emitting diodes, which provide for using reflective material as tracking points on the user's head. As if this wasn't enough, some users found it justified to brag about not having a problem with head tracking while holding a lit cigarette in front of the camera. Those interested in head tracking without investing too much effort into getting it, all things considered,  will most probably not go wrong if they opt for this system.
It has already been stated that every head tracking system can represent an aid to physically challenged people while using a computer. The NaturalPoint company, having people with special needs in mind, marketed the SmartNav System as a mouse substitute. In it's essence, this is a two degrees of freedom head tracking system with necessary software.

SmartNav- figure 3

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