Among the first programs meant to provide head tracking on personal computers, if not the first, one finds Cam2Pan. This program is basically a mouse emulator and this trait, coupled with the fact that in some contemporaneous flightsims it was possible to look around by moving the mouse, yielded the first head tracking system on personal computers.

Cam2Pan- figure 1

Cam2Pan- figure 2

This program had several modes of tracking the face of the user which was quite strenuous for CPUs available at the time. With a single emitting diode and the Flashlight mode things became more acceptable, and since the program is basically a mouse emulator, head tracking with only two degrees of freedom was possible. The absence of an interpolation algorithm was a shortcoming of this program and, as a result, head tracking quality depended on FPS the particular webcam was able to deliver. Cheaper webcams, which were only capable of up to 30 FPS, yielded choppy head tracking and, as a result, one needed to allocate funds for a more expensive webcam as well as for Cam2Pan which wasn't free. When exactly this problem was solved by the author of the program Cam2Pan Trusty Numchacks will not be disclosed here, but it will be stated that the program provides necessary interpolation algorithms which will yield head position coordinate refreshing frequencies of up to a hundred times per second even with cheaper webcams capable of only 30FPS.

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