Freelook is another mouse emulator which enabled head tracking with two degrees of freedom. A single tracking point on the user's head was tracked, and the tracking point could have been as simple as a piece of white paper on the user's forehead or hat, while the best results were achieved by using emitting diodes. The name of the program betrays the fact that it was free to use, while making relatively smooth head tracking in PC flight simulators possible. A small problem existed which had to do with the need to set the neutral position of the tracking point relatively often. With a simple web cam it represented a cheep and usable alternative to the early head tracking systems. Virtual pilots using flight simulators popular even today will probbably remember that they used Freelok with those same sims. Alas, Freelook lost it's popularity. Still, those wishing to try it out, provided that Freelook works on more modern operative systems, may find themselves pleasantly surprised by this program.

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