FaceTrackNoIR- figure 1

FaceTrackNoIR, as it's name suggests, is a program that provides for head tracking without the need for a point model that the user needs to wear on one's head. This method will naturally increase the CPU load and, consequently, at least a dual core processor is recommended. Since flight simulators themselves claim a lion's share of CPU cycles, the need for point models fitted with good old emitting diodes presented itself, and the use thereof is provided for by the program's modular design. Based on the conveniences separate modules offer, it is upon the user to decide which module to install and use. For want of head tracking through analyzing the image of the user's face, that is with no point model (Figure 2), the possibility of using a separate computer in order to unburden the computer on which the client software is ran is provided. PointTracker module, on the other hand, provides for head tracking with a point model (Figure 3) built for Freetrack, which means that models offered on this website can be used with FaceTrackNoIR as well.
FaceTrackNoIR- figure 2

FaceTrackNoIR- figure 3

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